2021 Tour Dates

October 2021 Date Duration Nights Hotel/Destination Theme Price 4-8 Mon-Fri 4 Warners, Thoresby Hall Hotel £399pp 4-8 Mon-Fri 4 Warners, Studley Castle Hotel £419pp 4-8 Mon-Fri 4 Blackpool, The Strand Hotel Illuminations Tour £299pp 5-9 Tue-Sat 4 Sidmouth, Bedford Hotel £459pp 10-16 Sun-Sat 6 Scotland, Peebles, Barony Castle Hotel £599pp 15-17 Fri-Sun 2 Eastbourne, Haddon…



COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS)  UPDATE 1st OCTOBER 2021 Although most restrictions have been officially lifted, Jay & Kay will endeavour to keep you all as safe as possible on all our trips.  We will maintain our strict cleaning policy, using our proven, high quality cleaning materials. For your safety, we will still take your temperature reading before boarding…


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